Can I create my own box?

Yes, you certainly can. Scroll through the website and choose everything you would like to purchase. As long as it reaches our minimum order of £12.00, you are good to go.

Do you deliver to my area?

We currently deliver to East & West Sussex. Traveling from Brighton our service areas do not expand beyond Chichester (West),  Crawley (North) and Bexhill (East).

Not sure if we Deliver to your area? Why not drop us a message to find out here!

Can I choose my delivery day & Time?

You can select your delivery day,

Our routes are planned daily in order to minimise carbon emissions and the distance all food travels, which means we may visit your area once or twice a week. This means your delivery day and time depends on where you live.  We run this the most effective way to keep less vehicles on the road, we want to provide the most convenient service we possibly can.

What if I am not at home? 

In the notes section in checkout we are happy to take delivery instructions so our driver can leave your box in a safe place, with a neighbour or wherever you request.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum order is £12.00, unless you have a current subscription. Then you can order any amount.

Do you have any wonky carrots for our Dog, Horse or pet?

Of course!! We love our pets too, put a little note in checkout and we will put some in your box for you. 

There is something missing from my order?

Please get in contact straight away, although it is very rare it can sometimes happen. We will get your items sent out to you asap!

Last delivery we had extra produce, why don’t we have extra every time?

Great question, we hate waste!

Sometimes we might end up with excess stock, as well as working closely with some local charities/ food banks.

We will likely give the extra produce to our wonderful customers instead of letting anything go to waste.

There is something in the box I don’t eat, can I substitute it?

Luckily with Cob & Co we allow substitutions, in the notes section at checkout. Let us know which items you want substituted, and where possible we will meet your requests.

There is something in my box that doesn’t look right or an item in my box is not up to standard?

We are very passionate and have high standards for our Produce everything we supply is fresh daily class 1 best quality produce. It is all hand-picked and quality checked before going out for delivery, unfortunately some items do pass and being a 100% natural product can be out of our control once out for delivery.

Simply get in contact with us – boxes@cobandco.co.uk – and we will ALWAYS have a solution.